Nightmare on Yelm Street

October 19th & 20th, 2024

Nightmare on Yelm Street 2024 featuring

A weekend of workshops and our special Saturday Night Dinner Show!!

Location: Nisqually Valley Moose Lodge

Nightmare Schedule

We will post the schedule soon!!

Please remember - NO outside food or drink is allowed in the Lodge

WildCard Belly Dance

About WildCard Belly Dance

WildCard BellyDance is a professional troupe of dancers based in Sonoma County, California. Since 2008, WildCard has been teaching and performing group improvisational dance inspired by dances from the MENAHT (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic, and Turkish) region, popularly referred to as “belly dance.” WildCard teaches and performs in both the bay area and around the world.

Rooted in FCBD®, our style holds true to the foundations of synchronized group improvisation. Building on this foundation, WildCard BellyDance has developed their own unique repertoire of movements, along with visual and verbal cues, to achieve graceful synchronicity within the group.


To Be Disclosed
To Be Disclosed
Workshops are 10AM to 12PM and 1PM to 3PM both days. Lunch Break from 12PM to 1PM.

All workshops are being held at the Dance Studio.

Saturday, October 19th

Sunday, October 20th

Each limited to 25 participants

Prices include sales tax